Casting Sites Compared

Here’s a comparison of many of the model or actor casting and submission sites around the world.

Use the table below to find the sites that are relevant to your situation. “Region” is the area that a casting site targets. For example, there is a Colorado specific site that can be found under the Colorado link but not the USA link. Likewise, there are sites that are active in the USA and UK that are found under the US and UK links but not the Global link. Or you can use the drop down selectors on the right to look up casting and submission sites.

Alternatively, you can see a long list of all the sites by going to All Casting Sites in the header.

Keep in mind that I am an Los Angeles based actor looking primarily for film and episodic roles so I am going mainly on hearsay, what I can see on the website, and on what I can google on casting sites outside of Los Angeles.

If you have any suggestions to add to the list or changes to the info send me a message.

I’m not affiliated with these sites in any way, nor do I get any sort of commission for anyone signing up. These sites are run by third-parties who usually allow people to post breakdowns for free but charge actors to submit or have a profile.

The date showing on the review is the last time that I checked the site and updated the review. Some of the entries are a few years old so things may have changed.

I think that more transparency about all the different sites would allow the better ones to grow and the worse ones to go away. New directors would know where to post breakdowns to find the best people and new actors would know where to subscribe to save their limited funds.

Model Mayhem has some great sources on avoiding scams here and here which I think every new actor or model should read. If the job offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I’ve started a list of casting sites that really look like scams.

Also, Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright has put together a list of reputable talent agents nationwide.

Links to Reviews
Territory Theatrical Commercial Theatre Modelling Extra
Canada Canada/Theatrical Canada/Commercial Canada/Theatre Canada/Extra
EU EU/Theatrical
Germany Germany/Theatrical
Global Global/Theatrical Global/Commercial Global/Modelling
Northwest USA Northwest USA/Theatrical Northwest USA/Commercial Northwest USA/Theatre Northwest USA/Extra
Southeast USA Southeast USA/Theatrical Southeast USA/Commercial Southeast USA/Extra
UK UK/Theatrical UK/Commercial UK/Theatre
USA USA/Theatrical USA/Commercial USA/Theatre USA/Modelling USA/Extra
Colorado Colorado/Theatrical
Florida Florida/Theatrical Florida/Commercial Florida/Extra
Nevada Nevada/Theatrical
Texas Texas/Extra
Los Angeles Los Angeles/Theatrical
New York