Casting Networks

This is the parent company of LA Casting which is one of the top 3 Los Angeles casting sites. They also have local sites for San Francisco, Australia, United Kingdom, France, India, Latin America, and Russia. I don’t have any information about these other sites except that they may be similar to LA Casting which is covered separately. Their blog has some good articles.

Casting Workbook

Jason Montgomery suggested this site in the comments section. He said that it “is the Actors Access of Canada and in addition to breakdowns it is also the site that most Canadian Casting Directors use to house and manage their audition submissions and sessions”. Like Actors Access, it has breakdowns that are visible only to agent and manager accounts. It looks like Jason was they Director of Operations for Casting Workbook until 2012 so he would have more insight into it’s operations that the average user. They have a number of offices in Canada and one in Los Angeles. It isn’t clear if their pricing is in Canadian or US dollars – because of this I’m guessing it’s a mostly Canadian site. It was hard to find an example profile page but it looks like their profiles are hosted at but on the one I found there was no resume or reel.

Cast Upload

This site was submitted in the comment section and claims to be a European Union casting platform. The site is only available in English or German. There’s a video to watch to explain things but I never watch those – I’m honestly not sure why websites think people would rather watch a 5 minute video than scan a page of text for relevant information. I wasn’t able to find any pricing without creating an account. That’s a red flag right there (they do say it’s free in the comments but I couldn’t find that on the website). There appears to be 3 current casting calls available today sitewide. It’s nice that these are available to view without logging in. It looks like this is designed for submitting your own video auditions on roles. I’m actually not a huge fan of having actors submit an audition as the first step as it seems like an enormous waste of actors’ time. For example, one open role is looking for a “24 year old Mixed martial art athlete”. That’s the extent of the description. They must have some idea of height, hair color, ethnicity, or style. If so they aren’t mentioning it. This means lots of submissions that are going to be watched for a few seconds before they are skipped. I’d much rather submit my profile and be invited to submit an audition if I meet the CD’s basic idea of the character. This isn’t Cast Upload’s fault of course. The website does seem to be well designed and speedy. I found the example profile via the link they put in the comments – I couldn’t find it on the website.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is Free (?)
  • Headshots: Free (?)
  • Video Hosting: Free (?)
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: EU, but focus seems to be on the UK and Germany


This is the website for a Los Angeles casting studio that also operates it’s own casting billboard. Casting Directors can use their studios for free as long as they upload the auditions to the Cazt servers (which is done automatically when you use their ipads to record the auditions). The CDs can list their breakdowns anywhere but they must also list them on Cazt’s breakdown system. They are encouraged to select some percentage of their candidates from the Cazt breakdown system submission pool and they are required to leave some feedback on each audition though only about 30% do in my experience. It’s annoyingly difficult to find out how much they charge until you set up a free basic profile. You don’t have to have a profile to audition at Cazt or to look at their breakdowns. Subscribing gets you the ability to submit to the Cazt breakdowns, watch your audition video auditions, forward your auditions to your agent, manager, or coaches and the ability to see the feedback on the audition. Members also can go in to do a video audition for free. I subscribed to Cazt for a few years but stopped a while ago. If you’re still building your reel, I’d think that it’s worth while to sign up to submit to the roles there. Roles looking for more experience will also post their breakdowns to L.A. Casting. I’ve heard complaints about their use of iPads to film the audition. In my experience, the shot is too wide and if its zoomed in, too grainy.  

Current Casting

This is a site that acts like a catalog of actors. It’s a nice looking site that promises to do 3 photosessions with the actor per year to insure that the headshots are fresh and up-to-date.  The price of $275/year seems excessive. Their search engine to find talent is quick and really intuitive – one of the best I’ve seen but the up-to-date images mostly look awkward. The actor profile looks great – clean, easy to use format, but they need to get a proffesional headshot photographer because the shots don’t look like something I’d want to share.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is $275/yr which includes 3 headshot sessions
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: Free
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: Los Angeles, New York

D2 Models

This is a website that allows you to put up a profile and then submit on modelling jobs. The company acts as your agent and takes a fee on anything you book. The jobs seem legitimate though I never submitted to any. Here’s a discussion about their legitimacy. I was a member for about a year but stopped when I realized they never do acting roles.

800 Casting

I saw this site mentioned on a Facebook group but while it looks like it has a lot of functionality you can’t see any auditions without signing up. Another actor, Harley Shellhammer, told me that “800 is legit and mostly used in the South. Most Agents require talent to be a member as well. It’s Commercial, Indie, and Student projects, mostly consisting of Non Union work”. A Canadian actress, Cheryl De Luca, says that 800 Casting is big in Canada also. It looks like it is like Actors Access in that it has a large number of agent-only breakdowns.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is $39/yr
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: Free
  • Example Profile Page – I couldn’t find one visible without logging in
  • Territory: Southeast USA, Canada

Film Colorado

Here’s a site that serves cast and crew in Colorado specifically. It looks to be free but doesn’t seem like it gets a lot of casting calls posted.

Foreground Background

An actor friend, Michael Ochoa, lived in Seattle for a while and recommended this site for the Northwest area. He says that a ¬®Seattle Casting Director named Denise Gibbs started this site for extras casting and some principals.  You sign up for her email list and you get all the notices. I’m still on it and she just recently had a posting for a principal role for a National Les Schwab commercial. So there is some principal work through her. She is also very cool.¬®

  • Subscription costs: Free to subscribe
  • Headshots: N/A
  • Video Hosting: N/A
  • Example Profile Page: N/A
  • Territory: Northwest, USA

FrontRunner Casting

This is a Florida casting agency. An actor said that her agent required her to join along with 800 Casting, Casting Frontier, and The Audition Connection. It doesn’t appear to cost anything and I couldn’t find any details about the profile without opening an account. It’s run by Melanie Moreno and Milena DeVincenzo. It looks like they do film, commercial, and extra casting.

  • Subscription costs: Free
  • Headshots: ??
  • Video Hosting: ??
  • Example Profile Page: N/A
  • Territory: Florida, USA