Cast It Talent

Jason Montgomery suggested this site in the comments section. This website is owned by a company called Cast It Systems which sells a service to manage video submissions. Looking at Cast It Talent, I remember seeing it when I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. It looks like I even started to create an account but never completed my profile. Looking at the offered roles today, under the “Cast It” roles tab, I see 20 roles for 6 projects in the last 3 months primarily from casting directors Alyssa Weisberg Casting and Syson Grainger Casting (no imdb entry for that but I think it’s Lucinda Syson and Elaine Grainger). I had an agent friend check the agent-only breakdowns on Actors Access and all of the roles but one listed by Alyssa were there. This was a costar role for Workaholics. Of course the difference is directly submitting yourself versus going through an agent/manager. The roles posted by Syson Grainger were for a pilot called River and I couldn’t find them listed elsewhere. Under the “Independent Roles” tab, I see 200 roles for various projects with no hint as to if they are shorts, features, webisodes, industrials, etc. Wait, no if you hover over the partial description on the page you can see the full text of the breakdown and in there it usually says what type of project it is. In the description, sometimes it says where it is casting – so far I’ve seen L.A., Cambridge, St. Louis, or no mention of where. There is an advanced search box but using it, I couldn’t find any of the previously mentioned listings. The website serves up pages for big production’s open calls for unique talent (that perfect kid, or that character with an unusual accent). Here’s a list of their past open calls. They also do monthly showcases where you can upload a video of you doing any 3 minute scene and have it voted upon by a panel of “respected Hollywood professionals”. I don’t think you’d need to subscribe to participate in these open calls. After this review, I think I’ll complete my basic profile and add this to the sites that I subscribe to for submissions.