Casting Calls America

Brian Jagger started this company that seems to want to be a local casting company. They own Sacramento CastingCasting Calls PortlandNew Orleans Casting, and Toni Staniewicz Casting (an agency). They are soon launching Casting Calls Denver and Casting Calls Phoenix. All the sites look identical except for the city name. If you don’t sign in, you can’t see any example profiles. They want $10 to sign up and $5/mo ongoing. I can’t tell if an account on one gets you an account on all of them. The sites have links to facebook pages where new jobs are posted with links back to sites with a little info about the project. Looks like short films, commercials, and extra work. Judging from the I.D.s of newly posted projects, it looks like there are less than 200 projects in the system. Maybe this is a brand new business? 

  • Subscription costs: $10 to sign up, then $5/mo ongoing
  • Headshots: ??
  • Video Hosting: ??
  • Example Profile Page – unable to find any
  • Territory: Sacramento, Portland, New Orleans, Denver, Phoenix