Hollywood Casting and Film

Los Angeles casting studios and submissions service (like Cazt). I signed up for them when they first started as I was helping cast a film and a friend I had done a film with in the past was running the business. This was before they were doing their own breakdowns. Eventually, they started sending notices but it was very beta and I opted out of the email. It looks like they have a number of breakdowns now. Like Cazt, you don’t need to be a member to audition at their studio. Subscribing gets you the ability to submit, notifications of new roles, ¨free remote audition/self-tape¨, free room rental for rehearsals or table-reads, audition invitations to HC&F featured projects. One differentiating feature is ¨Auto-Submit¨ which allows you to submit to a bunch of projects at once. I haven’t used it since I’m not a subscriber but it sounds like a great tool or a CD’s nightmare depending on the accuracy of the matches.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is free, $9/mo to submit to projects (you have to click through to submit on a project to see the features page)
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: Free
  • Example Profile Page – I couldn’t find one
  • Territory: Los Angeles