IMDb Pro

I tracked the IMDBPro casting notices for a few months in 2014. I didn’t see any larger budget projects and I saw a lot of what just felt like BS postings. These postings seem all the weirder when the roles are reposted week after week or the same submitter posts 5 to 10 different “epic feature length film”s in a two week period and his imdb page shows that he has never been involved with anything but two short films three years ago. My guess is that people are putting up these features to get lots of clicks on their imdb profile to raise their starmeter. Seems like a waste of time. Checking it today, it’s 90% the postings from the same handful of people. I’m sure there are some gems there but it feels a lot like like sifting through the weird postings for actors on Craigslist. Also, if it’s a legitimate project, why aren’t they posting to a legitimate casting site (LA Casting and/or Actors Access)? No email notification of new roles. It may be worth signing up for IMDb Pro anyway as it is the only way I know to get your headshot onto your IMDb page which makes your profile look much more professional. I don’t know if you could sign up for a month, upload your photo, not renew your subscription, and still have your photo stay on your page. In addition to having your headshots you can also upload your reel to appear on your IMDb page. 

  • Subscription costs: $149.99/yr or $19.99/mo
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: Free
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