LA Casting (aka Casting Networks)

LA Casting is the Los Angeles branch of the casting company Casting Networks. It is one of the main 3 that new actors in LA pay for as it has many student, commercial, and non-union jobs. They send email notifications for each new project that matches your criteria as they are submitted. For the expense, I wish they would update their site. It feels like they haven’t touched the user interface since the early 2000’s when the site was created. I just went to upload a new headshot and the photo was rejected because it was over their 4mb limit! I’m paying $25 for them to host my photo and they can’t take anything larger than 4mb? My phone takes images larger than 4mb. Come on, put a little of that profit towards making our lives easier. Here’s a little history: LA Casting was started in 2002 by Beau Bonneau who runs a large commercial and extras casting agency in San Francisco. As they expanded into new territories, they rebranded the main company as Casting Networks, keeping LA Casting for the LA market.  Casting Networks bought ModelWire in 2008. The current CEO is Glen Ward who is the former CEO of Virgin Entertainment North America so I’m hoping will bring some new features to the LA Casting website.

  • Subscription costs: $14.95/mo
  • Headshots: $25
  • Video Hosting: Up to 4 minutes free
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: USA