Pro Cast

Pro Cast seems to be more of a job news website that reposts positions for extras as newsletters. The main trouble is that from the headlines you would think that Universal Studios is doing an open casting call for featured roles, for example. It’s only until the end of the post that you find that they mean featured extras. Today’s posting is for an open casting for “new talent to work on several popular TV shows including GLEE, Faking It, Awkward, Teen Wolf and CSI”. It would seem from the article that they are trying to find new young actors to play roles in these shows. After researching the casting agency you find that they work to bring “production companies the highest quality background actors“. Nothing is wrong with extra work. It pays. It gives you some familiarity on a live set. There is a remote possibility that you could be given a line. The trouble is that extra roles are touted as speaking roles to draw talent in that might not otherwise apply. This just seems deceptive to me. There are a few websites and services that do this trickery. For me it just makes the sites/services seem shady and makes any legitimate job they might have seem shady by association. Under their jobs section they list a grand total of 133 jobs posted – ever.