Cast Upload

This site was submitted in the comment section and claims to be a European Union casting platform. The site is only available in English or German. There’s a video to watch to explain things but I never watch those – I’m honestly not sure why websites think people would rather watch a 5 minute video than scan a page of text for relevant information. I wasn’t able to find any pricing without creating an account. That’s a red flag right there (they do say it’s free in the comments but I couldn’t find that on the website). There appears to be 3 current casting calls available today sitewide. It’s nice that these are available to view without logging in. It looks like this is designed for submitting your own video auditions on roles. I’m actually not a huge fan of having actors submit an audition as the first step as it seems like an enormous waste of actors’ time. For example, one open role is looking for a “24 year old Mixed martial art athlete”. That’s the extent of the description. They must have some idea of height, hair color, ethnicity, or style. If so they aren’t mentioning it. This means lots of submissions that are going to be watched for a few seconds before they are skipped. I’d much rather submit my profile and be invited to submit an audition if I meet the CD’s basic idea of the character. This isn’t Cast Upload’s fault of course. The website does seem to be well designed and speedy. I found the example profile via the link they put in the comments – I couldn’t find it on the website.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is Free (?)
  • Headshots: Free (?)
  • Video Hosting: Free (?)
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: EU, but focus seems to be on the UK and Germany

Star Now

This is a casting site that started in Sydney Australia where I went to acting school. At the time, it was the only online player in town. It was useful for student and lower budget indie films in Sydney. While they have a global presence, when I moved to L.A. there weren’t any local jobs on there so I unsubscribed. Checking the postings today, there is one project that fit my criteria shooting in LA – an unpaid student film consisting of 5 minutes of “mostly improv” for some London film students coming into town for 2 weeks.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is free, but to submit to jobs costs $4.99/mo
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: Free
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: Global – Best for outside the USA