Casting Workbook

Jason Montgomery suggested this site in the comments section. He said that it “is the Actors Access of Canada and in addition to breakdowns it is also the site that most Canadian Casting Directors use to house and manage their audition submissions and sessions”. Like Actors Access, it has breakdowns that are visible only to agent and manager accounts. It looks like Jason was they Director of Operations for Casting Workbook until 2012 so he would have more insight into it’s operations that the average user. They have a number of offices in Canada and one in Los Angeles. It isn’t clear if their pricing is in Canadian or US dollars – because of this I’m guessing it’s a mostly Canadian site. It was hard to find an example profile page but it looks like their profiles are hosted at but on the one I found there was no resume or reel.

D2 Models

This is a website that allows you to put up a profile and then submit on modelling jobs. The company acts as your agent and takes a fee on anything you book. The jobs seem legitimate though I never submitted to any. Here’s a discussion about their legitimacy. I was a member for about a year but stopped when I realized they never do acting roles.

Gig Salad

This website is a place I had heard of for finding bands for an event but it also has all sorts of opportunities for actors – especially those with extra entertaining talents like comedy, juggling, singing or whatever. It’s more of a place to list yourself and try to get bookings than to find jobs. I’d love to hear if anyone has been booked from this site for a straight-up acting role. Thanks to “Atlanta Casting Director” for this one.

Indie Film Casting

This blog has free postings for cast and crew positions around the USA. You don’t set up a profile, you send your headshot and resume to the person posting the job. They have 10 to 20 per month. You can subscribe to have new listings emailed to you or subscribe to their blog via RSS feed.

  • Subscription costs: Free
  • Headshots: N/A
  • Video Hosting: N/A
  • Example Profile Page: N/A
  • Territory: USA

LA Casting (aka Casting Networks)

LA Casting is the Los Angeles branch of the casting company Casting Networks. It is one of the main 3 that new actors in LA pay for as it has many student, commercial, and non-union jobs. They send email notifications for each new project that matches your criteria as they are submitted. For the expense, I wish they would update their site. It feels like they haven’t touched the user interface since the early 2000’s when the site was created. I just went to upload a new headshot and the photo was rejected because it was over their 4mb limit! I’m paying $25 for them to host my photo and they can’t take anything larger than 4mb? My phone takes images larger than 4mb. Come on, put a little of that profit towards making our lives easier. Here’s a little history: LA Casting was started in 2002 by Beau Bonneau who runs a large commercial and extras casting agency in San Francisco. As they expanded into new territories, they rebranded the main company as Casting Networks, keeping LA Casting for the LA market.  Casting Networks bought ModelWire in 2008. The current CEO is Glen Ward who is the former CEO of Virgin Entertainment North America so I’m hoping will bring some new features to the LA Casting website.

  • Subscription costs: $14.95/mo
  • Headshots: $25
  • Video Hosting: Up to 4 minutes free
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: USA

Let It Cast

This is a casting site with only a few casting opportunities per month but it’s 100% video auditions which are easy and fun to do. Most auditions are free to submit to, but once in a while they want you to be a subscriber to submit. Most of the smaller roles in The Canyons were cast through this platform.

  • Subscription costs: Profile and most submissions are free but occasionally they want $6.90/mo or $69.99/yr to submit
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: Free
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: USA

Make Scenes

This site has almost zero information available to someone who doesn’t register. The FAQ has three entries. I don’t really understand how a website like this stays in business. It was recommended in the comments by “Atlanta Casting Director” so it may be legitimate.

  • Subscription costs: ??
  • Headshots: ??
  • Video Hosting: ??
  • Example Profile Page: Couldn’t find any
  • Territory: USA – ??

My Casting File

My Casting File looks like a site for actors from Texas to the Southeast to get work as extras. They are right up front about the fact that these are extra roles (Thank you My Casting File for your honesty!!).  This was recommended in the comments by “Atlanta Casting Director”.

  • Subscription costs: Free
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: N/A
  • Example Profile Page: Couldn’t find one
  • Territory: Texas to the Southeast

Now Casting

My agent requested that I sign up for Now Casting. I’ve gotten 11 auditions in 2 years from self submissions and booked a few of them. They do have some of the network episodic breakdowns but only from a few CDs. I did a CD workshop with one of them once and asked if they used Now Casting and he said that they were under some sort of contract to post there but that he never checked the submissions. They send email notifications of new roles in batches a few times per day.

  • Subscription costs: Profile is free, to submit to L.A. jobs is $11/mo
  • Headshots: Free
  • Video Hosting: $5/min
  • Example Profile Page
  • Territory: USA


Similar to Broadway World – lots of information about current and upcoming productions and a job posting feature that includes both performers and crew. 18 paid performer jobs posted nationwide so far today!